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Why Aoki?

Mission and Values


Aoki Media is a social network’s solutions center: digital marketing management, consulting, projects, training and content development.

We materialize digital communication to improve your image in digital media. What image does your company have on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn?

Our mission is to guide and provide innovative solutions for companies that want to create new forms of digital marketing. We carry out this task with the use of technologies and a lot of creativity to elaborate studies, strategies and plans.



The world has gone through a lot of changes and people have changed the way they consume information. Embassies, consulates and governments must adapt to these new habits by disseminating information about their countries. Our team has full experience and multidisciplinary focus: it covers not only digital marketing, but also the other issues involved and the particularities of institutions.

With strategic insights, quality content and tactical expertise, AOKI MEDIA holds the key to success on any platform that touches its audience. We know that users are looking for information online in education, and our mission is to leverage the reach of this universe to their goals.

The digital environment is where brands meet, reputations are judged, and trust is built. It is where the first impression takes shape, and where emotional connections are made that influence consumers. That’s why we have improved the digital positioning of your brand so that it has the same visibility both in digital and offline spaces.


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In addition to producing content, Aoki Media brings together the most relevant news about digital communication. Keep an eye out and follow our blog!

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